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Invicta watch bands

Good day, and welcome to our site. We aim to walk you through some of the various watch bands and straps available for Invicta watches. So what kind will suit your watch, how much should you expect to spend? Keep reading to find out more.

A brief history of Invicta

Some of you may have arrived here without knowing much about Invicta. Perhaps someone has asked you to purchase them a new Invicta watch band, but having no information about the company, you don’t know where to start looking.  For these people we will give a quick summary of the company which might help you with your search. If not you can skip right onto the next section of this article.
Invicta first officially started making watches in 1837, so this company has been around for many years. The founder of the company Mr Raphael Picard had a vision to create high quality watches at affordable prices. He started creating the watches in La Chaux-de-fonds in Switzerland, which has a long history with making some of the finest quality watches in the world.
Things went well until the early 1970’s when the invasion of the cheaply produced Quartz watches began. This crippled the company as they couldn’t compete with the cheaper imitations, and filed for bankruptcy a few years later.
In 1991, the descendants of Raphael Picard decided to get the company operational again. The demand was still there, and they decided to test the waters by releasing some new models. These were quickly snapped up, and the company got back on its feet. Since then they have been going from strength to strength and are now considered one of the top watch manufacturers in the world.

What type of Invicta watch bands are available?

Well the good news for most folks out there are that Invicta generally stick to standard watch band sizes for all but their very top end watches. So for most of their product range, you can get a substitute replacement with ease. From what we have seen, most of the watches use the standard spring clip to attach the watch band to the watch head, so they are also very easily to install and setup. Unfortunately official Invicta watch bands are quite hard to find, so a replacement band is often the best way to go. If you really want to get an official replacement, then contacting the Invicta watch parts department might be your best bet. From what we have heard, they don’t sell to individuals unless the watch in question is no longer sold anymore. Folks have said that the official Invicta watch bands replacements must be ordered through an official retailer instead. This can work out to be quite expensive however, which is why we suggest ordering an alternative band that would fit your watch instead.

How to measure your current watch band

So how do you measure your current watch band? There are two or three things you must measure before you can purchase a replacement band. The first measurement you need is the width of the band. This is basically how wide the watch band is. Some of the watch bands have this listed on the strap, so make sure you examine it first. Common sizes tend to be between 20-30mm in width, although ladies watch bands tend to be a little slimmer. The best place to measure is between the watch head and where the watch band connects.
Next you need to measure the length of the strap. For most people a regular length watch band should be fine, but it is always best to double check. The way you measure this is to take both pieces of the band off, and measure them end to end. The buckle is not included as part of the measurement.
Once you have these two measurements you can start searching for replacement Invicta watch bands.

So where is the best place to start looking for an alternate band? You can find them at most jewelry stores, as they stock quite a big range of them. These type of shops tend to be a little overpriced however as most folks often assume this is the only place to really find them.
We think the best place to start looking for them is on the internet. With a little big of “googling” you can find many retailers offering decent Invicta watch bands replacements at much better deals than your local jewelry store. The ability to read reviews beforehand is one of the major advantages to shopping online. Another great advantage is the ability to compare prices between the various retailers with the click of a button, so this is definitely what we recommend you do.
With all this in mind, remember to compare pricing between the various online shops, ands you will be sure to find a great deal on replacement Invicta watch bands!